More efficiency thanks to automatic reservations

Screenshots of the mobile website of Restaurant De Sécretaire

Restaurant De Sécretaire

Catering company De Schepper saw its normal business decrease as a direct result of the pandemic and restrictions on social gatherings. The owner saw this as the ideal opportunity to finally realize his dream of having his own restaurant. As such, the cozy, accessible & quality restaurant De Sécretaire was born.

A set dinner table in De Sécretaire in Kallo (Beveren)



Our role

  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Translating a welcoming feeling

We designed and developed a loading animation to digitally recreate the feeling of someone greeting you at the door and welcoming you in.

Restaurant De Sécretaire's interior in Kallo (Beveren)

Emphasizing what's important

The owner received reservations by phone, e-mail & WhatsApp which was chaotic and unorganized. We developed a simple to use reservation system and made sure that the navigation of the website focuses on guiding the user to making a reservation.

A detail of the De Sécretaire website showcasing the focus on reservations

Very nice collaboration. Maarten listened enormously to our wishes. If you want a professional and user friendly website, Maarten is the right person. Sounds very cliché, but it's really true!

A profile picture of Scott De Schepper - Founder of Traiteur De Schepper
Scott De Schepper

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