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How does this work?

We have answered some frequently asked questions. That way you will know perfectly whether the free website analysis is right for you.

Why is the analysis completely free?

By providing free analysis, we can strengthen our mission of helping entrepreneurs achieve more impact with their product, service, and idea. We offer these analyses for free so entrepreneurs like you can improve their website and help sell more of their product or service.

What is included in the free analysis?

The free analysis is a video in which Maarten, our business manager, scrolls through your current website and provides feedback with practical tips and information on how to improve your website quickly.

Who carries out the analysis?

Our business manager, Maarten Van Herendael, personally performs all analyses.

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Fill out your details and you'll receive your analysis within 3 working days.

Who performs the analysis?

Our business manager Maarten Van Herendael personally carries out all analyses.

Maarten Van Herendael

Maarten Van Herendael