132% increase in organic traffic through Google

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Meet ABC - Domotica

ABC - Domotica is a home automation company based in Schoten (Belgium). Since 1994 they have been offering custom home automation installations of the highest quality with an emphasis on unrivalled support. Their driving force? To offer their clients total and carefree comfort.

The ABC - Domotica team discussing project plans in their Antwerp office



Our role

  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Optimisation

Creating a digital experience that:

  1. Clearly showcases the tailored work they do for high-end clients.
  2. Highlights the many aspects of home automation and its benefits to the customer.
  3. Appeals and speaks to both private individuals and (potential) business partners.

Increasing empathy with highlights

Through interviews, we learned that most customers did not know the full potential of home automation. Therefore, we added highlights to the single project page where practical implementations of home automation could be shown to increase empathy.

A mockup of the ABC - Domotica website showcasing the single product page
A person enjoying a custom media installation realized by ABC - Domotica

Speaking to the right target audience

A large part of the target audience was B2B. Strategically, we opted for a separate page to appeal to those types of customers by emphasizing the advantages of working with ABC - Domotica as a partner and highlighting their approach.

A mockup of the ABC - Domotica website showcasing the B2B page

The outcome

The most important goal was to increase brand awareness. We achieved higher rankings in Google search results by focusing on SEO optimization. As a result, the organic traffic to the website was grown substantially. Through the design and content of the website, we ensured that those visitors stayed on the website for longer.

  • Google rankings

    Through technical SEO optimisation and writing the right content, the website now scores high for relevant keywords such as 'Domotica Antwerp'.

  • 132% increase in organic traffic through Google

    Thanks to higher Google rankings and optimisation, we managed to more than double the organic monthly number of visitors to the site (compared to the previous 12 months).

  • +110% time on page

    By responding well to the needs and questions of the target audience, visitors find the information they are looking for and stay on the pages much longer on average (compared to the previous 12 months).

From day 1, Heave perfectly analyzed what our needs and wishes were and especially what look & feel we wanted to achieve to speak to our target audience. Maarten is customer-oriented, listens, and takes targeted action that was carried out very smoothly.

A profile picture of Kris Van den Kieboom - CEO of ABC Domotica NV
Kris Van den Kieboom
CEO & Founder

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