About us

Maarten, founder of web design studio Heave in Antwerp, having a consultation with a colleague about Wireframes.
We think it's outrageous that so many businesses are left with a website that loads slowly, doesn't match their brand, works poorly, isn't secure and doesn't appeal to their target audience at all. In other words, a website that sucks. We want to change that.

Your business deserves better

Most websites are created by studios that do everything from graphic design to running ads. The problem? Your website is just an afterthought.

You're left with a website that sucks. Cobbled together with no expertise, ready to collect dust for the next few years until you decide again to revamp your website.

Your business deserves better.

We are not a studio that does everything. We are laser-focused on one thing: creating websites that help your business grow with more leads, more conversions, more revenue.


Our values

What makes us different from other webdesign studios?

Isn't that what you're looking for as a business owner? More leads, more conversions, more sales. Every project has a clear goal: to increase your success. We are not successful until you are.

We're not just another "digital agency" that does everything from marketing to graphic design. We specialize in one thing: creating websites that help your business grow.

We don't take off-the-shelf designs or solutions and then customize them to fit the needs of your business. You deserve better. Every website we design and develop is completely customized.

We hate jargon. We talk like normal people and tell it like it is without mincing words. That way it's not only more pleasant to work, but we can really focus on getting results.

Maarten and a team member brainstorm a web design strategy in Antwerp, using colorful sticky notes on a glass wall to organize ideas.


No magic, just a tried and true process.
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Maarten, founder of web design studio Heave Antwerp, looks closely at the code on a computer screen and the design of a website.

Web design

Our specialty? Creating websites that don't suck.
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