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Our mission is to help businesses like yours make more impact with their product or service.

Heave's founder presenting a website sitemap to clients.

Web design and development experts? What does that mean?

Heave is a strategic web design agency based in Antwerp. We specialise in creating websites that don't just look good, but that deliver more leads, conversions and revenue. We dig into your target audience, brand and competition and translate those insights into a website that delivers real results.

We do this because we believe entrepreneurs like yourself are the lifeblood of the economy. We want to help you make the most impact with your product or service. Your success is what drives us.

What makes us different from other web design studios?

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    Focus on result

    Isn't that what we are all ultimately looking for as entrepreneurs? More leads, more conversions, more sales. We are only successful when we contribute to your success.

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    Real experts

    We are not just another 'digital agency' that does everything from marketing to graphic design. We specialise in one thing and ace it: creating websites that help your business grow.

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    No cut corners

    We don't take off-the-shelf designs or solutions and then adapt them to the needs of your business. Your business deserves better. Every website we design and develop is fully tailored to your business from the ground up.

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    No bullshit

    We hate jargon. We talk like normal people and tell it like it is, without beating about the bush. This way we can really focus on getting results.

When shouldn't you call on us?

  • If you are looking for someone who will only do what you say.
  • If you like to make decisions based on your gut feeling or own opinion.
  • If you think that a website is just a website.

When are we a match?

  • If you want a web partner who offers his expertise and acts strategically.
  • If you like to make decisions based on research and analysis.
  • If you believe that a website is important for your business.

Do you want a new website that gets you results?

Together, we'll look at the best solution for your project.

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