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Meet Outside the Corral

It's tricky to find high-quality riding locations that treat their horses with care and that aren't tourist traps. That's where Outside the Corral comes in. Their mission? To provide as many horse enthusiasts as possible with the most authentic and extraordinary riding holidays in the world.

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Our role

  • Strategy
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Creating a digital experience that:

  1. Provides a clear and user-friendly overview of all journeys and themes in their offering.
  2. Evokes emotion and highlights the unique character of each journey.

I highly recommend Heave as a partner for your website design and development. Maarten breaks down the entire process into manageable chunks, making it very easy for you to give input and feedback every step of the way. Moreover, his strategic approach and clear communication add to the success formula of Heave.

Profile picture of Laure-Anne Rigaux, founder of Outside the Corral
Laure-Anne Rigaux

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